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    First Name:Logan Country:Canada Skills:Writer, Illustrator, Inker, Colorer Styles:Manga, Realism Genres:Action, Adult, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, History, Horror, Romance, SciFi, Super Hero, Supernatural, Suspense, Teen, War
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      Oh, look at that. Someone found my profile among the other great people here. Well, if you're reading this, welcome to the Bat Country! Evil beware, we have waffles! We also have synthetic blood drinking vampires, robot cat people, talking horses, ninjas who specialize in the medical field, and souls trapped in suits of armour. Oh, and I forgot to mention the dragons, Alien parasites (at least three different ones), laser swords with cross-guards, zombies, angels and their half-human offspring, avians, mages, assassins, very gung-ho military dudes, and Ten Thousand Fists ready to pierce the heavens with their drill.

      Literally everything up there, except for the angels, avians, mages and assassins (which are part of my own idea), was a reference to my fandoms. Not even joking. If you can name them all, or at least five, we can chill.

      I AM A NERD (if you couldn't tell)

      Anywho, I mainly draw in the manga/anime style, and I write a lot of fanfiction (though I've started to branch into my own things). In fact, I have my own world that I want to turn into a comic with all the characters that I've created (hell, I'll settle for writing a book about them, already am writing another one anyway). If you wanna help, shoot me a message and we can discuss.

      If you want to find my WIP (work in progress) book, it's over on wattpad. My account name is the same as here (same for my DeviantArt, FiMFiction and Google accounts.

      I have a myriad of characters, and will gladly accept any advice to make them more believable (I have a published story on wattpad that is my characters and their backstories).

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