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    First Name:Charles Country:United States Skills:Writer, Editor Styles:Abstract, Marvel Style, Painting, Realism Genres:Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, History, Horror, Human Interest, SciFi, Super Hero, Supernatural, Suspense, War, Western
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          I am a writer with one project under my belt already, with a second nearing completion... they will both be available in the coming months. Both are ideas created by other people who needed a writer to breath life into their ideas. I don't mind this type of work,  but I really want to see my own stories come to life.

          My goal is to write comic books full time. I am willing to consider almost any opportunity to produce a quality story and see it come to life on the pages of an actual printed/published comic book or graphic novel.
          I am willing to work on existing titles or new projects. I am working on several projects of my own that I would love to see printed... I just need the right art team attached and the right publishing option.
          I can produce one-shots, complete single-issue stories within a series, graphic novels, and ongoing series. I am comfortable in most major genres.

          My work tends to be detail oriented and realistic, although I am fully capable of writing material to suit whatever is required.

          I have little/no drawing ability. I am a writer, not an artist.

          UPDATE: I HAVE MULTIPLE SCRIPTS COLLECTING DUST NOW! I keep writing... waiting for an art team willing to take a shot!

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