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How-To Documents

Invite An Artist

Learn How-To Invite an Artist to your project.

Fill Out Your Profile

Learn How-To fill out your profile. **Very Important**

Create a Portfolio

Learn How-To create your portfolio. **Very Important**

Create / Join a Project

Learn How-To create or join a comic book project.

Send a Message

Learn How-To send a Private Message to another member or friend.

Send / Reply a Friend Request

Learn How-To send a friend request and reply to one.

Chat With Friends

Learn How-To chat with your friends.

Create / Join a Chatroom

Learn How-To create or join a Project Chatroom.

Upload a Document

Learn How-To upload a Document to a Project.

Report a Problem

Learn How-To report an issue on the site.

Check Your Support Ticket

Learn How-To check your support ticket after you submit an issue.

Set-Up Your Public Profile

Learn How-To customize your public profile.