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Direct Artist Chat

You can start using the Direct Artist Chat the instant you log onto Artisync. The Who’s Online list will automatically display your friends and team mates and a single click enables you to start chatting in real-time.

Let Your Freak Fly!

Take advantage of Artisync’s FREE Comic Book Artist Community. Connect with other like-minded artists. Collaborate on various comic book / graphic novel projects. Create Indie, Creator-Owned Comics and sell them to your fans.

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Avatar Integration

You can now stylize your online avatar. With custom avatars you can recognize your friends and teammates quickly and easily.

Who's Online

You can see which of your friends or team members are online and can start chatting immediately.

Audio Chat

Tired of typing? No problem! Have an audio talk with any of your artist friends from anywhere in the world. (Coming Soon!)

Smileys & Emojis

You can now emote with a wide range of smileys. With so many smileys, there is a right one for every mood.


Now you don’t stand a chance of missing any notifications. Receive alert notifications swiftly.


You can inform your friends or other members more than just your online availability by setting your status message.

Video Conferencing

You can create your own virtual hangout space by using the Video Conference feature. You can initiate a Video Conference and the other members who wish to join the Conference can simply do so by clicking on the link. (Coming Soon!)

Follow Your Passions

Come create comic books and graphic novels with us.  Artisync was created for all artists of every level.  If you have ever wanted to be a part of the comic book industry, here is your chance. Not only will Artisync help you create a comic, we’ll help you publish it.

What Are You Waiting For?

Chat Privacy

You are able to create public, invitation only and password protected chat rooms. You can also invite your friends or teammates.

Unlimited Chat

You can chat with one, five or even twenty friends, teammates or other artists simultaneously.


You can now type in English and convert the text to other languages. Over 20 languages to choose from.

Community Whiteboard

Brainstorm your ideas with your team or friends. Use the Community Whiteboard to hash out those plot points and make the story come alive.

Screen Sharing

Show someone artwork from your personal computer without having to actually send them, ScreenSharing lets you enjoy the perks of sharing your screen smoothly. (Coming Soon!)

File Sharing

You can send files to each other using the Easy-To-Use file transfer facility. It’s simple, easy and quick.

Team Meeting Rooms

Create a virtual Meeting Room for project team meetings. Use the Community Whiteboard, Video Conferencing (Coming Soon!) and the Easy-to-Use File Sharing system to convey your ideas.

Do What You Love To Do!

Join for FREE today!!! Take advantage of all the tools that Artisync has to offer. See what all the fuss is about.

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